Insurance Repairs and Renovations

Insurance Repairs and Renovations


Disasters can happen that may require insurance repairs when your home or business is attacked by fire, wind, and/or water. However, the good news is we have worked with many of the insurance adjusters in Michigan and have a very good reputation with all of them. 

Amazingly, we will put a damaged building back together as if nothing had ever happened to it. Most often, your home or business will be even BETTER than it was prior to the damage. 

What does all of this cost? Just the deductible amount on your insurance policy for either your commercial or residential insurance. With our extensive experience with insurance repairs, we prepare itemized estimates the way adjusters require them, saving you time and headache from claim questions and re-submissions.  

So give South Arm Construction a call at 231.536.5001 to schedule a time to discuss your dilemma and discover how we can turn your headache into a relaxing experience.

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